Adventure is out there!

upYou know how in the movie Up, the main character Carl spontaneously decides to fly his house to South America, bringing everything he owns with him? But then near the end of the movie his house is too heavy, so Carl and Russell begin throwing things out of the house until it is light enough to fly again? While in the movie this serves as a metaphor for allowing oneself to move on and that there are other ways to honor a loved one besides keeping mementos, it is also practical. There is no way I can go to Cameroon with everything I own!

Instead, Peace Corps volunteers are expected to be more like the boy scout Russell, bringing a limited number of personal, hopefully useful items, and are limited to about 100 pounds of luggage. The past few days have been full of sorting things into different categories, and making endless lists of what I think I need, what I want to bring, and what I can safely leave behind.

In addition to packing, I have been getting into the mindset that I will be in Cameroon for the next 27 months and am trying to spend quality time with family and friends. I’ve also had ice cream almost every day and have been spending lots of time on the language learning app/website Duolingo to increase my French vocabulary.

The coming days will go by so quickly, and before I know it I will be on the other side of the world! I am so excited to be going to Cameroon, and am eager to use this blog as a place to share my experiences and what I learn about the culture and people. If you follow my blog, you’ll get emails every time I write a new post, and I recommend doing so! At this point I am not sure how frequently I will be able to write.

If you are interested, I have found the Bradt Travel Guide on Cameroon to be a helpful resource on the country, and plan to bring it with me. The Peace Corps Cameroon website can tell you more about where I will be and the kind of work I will be doing. Look for an introduction to Cameroon post soon! A bientôt!